Pipeline reviews Longhorn

Rev Hank is the alter ego of Mike Diabo, guitarist with the Urban Surf Kings.  For this project he recorded a dozen originals in six hours with drummer Frank den Haan and then added the (Longhorn) bass parts in a couple more hours.  The result is a rockin’ guitar bonanza that I can only compare to a clean-sounding Link Wray session.

Twist & Twang and Hey Eddie are powerful blasts that blend Duane Eddy’s twang with Link’s earthy approach.  Cyclops is a lively reverb surfer, Mrs. Wong a sprightly eastern-flavoured rocker and Devil Ray a mighty Link-styled earth shaker.  There’s variety in the bluesy 12-bar grind of Teenage Walk and bouncy pick ‘n’ twang  of Big Boss Cowboy while drummer Frank den Haan proves his worth throughout in providing a meaty, driving beat that’s a major component in the success of this tasty set.   With 12 tracks clocking in at a vintage timing of under half an hour it’s also a great argument for the case of “less is more”.

– Alan Taylor, Pipeline



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