New Release: Ukexotic

Reverb Ranch/ Sharawaji Records is proud to announce the brand new release from Urban Surf Kings’ guitarist Rev Hank  (Mike Diabo)

Track List

  1. Ideal Surf Cafe
  2. Penetration
  3. Shelter Isle
  4. Misirlou
  5. Lost Islanders
  6. Muchos Diablos
  7. Night in Samoa
  8. Rumble at Waikiki
  9. Twistin’
  10. Mr. Moto
  11. Tropical Twilight

Eleven songs inspired by the exotic sounds of the Tiki/ Exotica music of the Space Age, Urban Surf Kings’ guitarist Mike Diabo (Rev Hank) presents this collection of ukulele instrumentals for the Swinging Jet Set. Featuring originals, and covers of Jon and the Nightriders, Surfer Joe, Urban Surf Kings, and much more.

Mike Diabo – tenor uke (low G), concert resonator uke (high G), lap ukulele, uke bass, programming

Ukexotic: SRW093

Ukexotic on Facebook

Click here to purchase CD

UKEXOTIC cover art copy




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