Twang of the Month

A FREE TUNE each month.  Just click the pic, and it’s yours!


Zombie Road Trip from Urban Surf Kings Surf vs the Flying Saucers release.  Enjoy!


13 Responses to Twang of the Month

  1. Lloyd Moore says:

    A very nice interpretation of Ghost Riders. The bridge is quite cool and unusual with it’s incorporation of various elements. They fit very well.
    Great job as usual.
    Thanks for making the tune available.


  2. Ryan Hutchinson says:

    Tunes sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hans-Dieter Hellmann says:

    Thanks for sharing this song.
    Waiting now for the next song. 😉
    “Happy New Year”,to all.
    Kind regards.

  4. Ryan Hutchinson says:

    Always love getting my hands on anything USK-related. Thanks for the new track and Happy New Year!

  5. Lloyd Moore says:

    Another cool & slinky kinda tune for the “tune of the month” selection. Very nice. Wow, what a great story about the tune. I’m definitely going to check out the film now that I know the story behind the soundtrack.


  6. Ryan Hutchinson says:

    Some classic sounding USK!

  7. Hans-Dieter Hellmann says:

    Hi Urban Surf Kings,thanks for another nice song.I stored on my computer.
    Hoping we can get a lot of other songs from you.Best wishes. Hans

  8. Ryan Hutchinson says:

    Thanks for posting the live track! Wish I could have made it to the show. Looking forward to hearing the release and the upcoming USK 7″!

  9. Josh Lute says:

    Nice track by the Urban Surf Kings, Rev. I dig the tone of the guitar a lot. Pretty crunchy. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Reverb Ranch says:

    If i remember correctly it was an early 70’s Gibson 335 (with humbuckers). Glad you like it!

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  12. Ryan Hutchinson says:

    Spider-Man on uke—nicely done!

  13. Ryan Hutchinson says:

    The new track from Longhorn sounds great! I’ll hopefully be at G-F and will pick up the album then for sure!

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