Ukulele Workshops

Mike Diabo has been performing, studying, and teaching ukulele for many years.  His workshops provide participants with the opportunity to advance their technique, musicality, and enjoyment of the 4 string wonder.  His teaching style is clear & relaxed.  Below are some examples of Mike’s workshops.  He is able to tailor a workshop to your needs, and interests.  Mikehas been a regular instructor/performer at the International Ukulele Ceilidh, Dck Street Uke Camp, and more.
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Jazz/Swing Ukulele I – all levels, all tunings.

  • Learn the techniques of Jazz/Swing ukulele including strumming styles, chord shapes, and common progressions
  •  Students taught using 2 simple Jazz standards ( eg. Sweet Georgia Brown, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore)
Jazz/Swing Ukulele II – medium, advanced
  • Learn to create chord melodies, chord substitutions, and soloing  (eg. Sweet Georgia Brown, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore) – more advanced versions.
Ukulele on the Beach I – all levels
  • Learn how to play the surf music of the 1960’s on the ukulele.
  • Learn how to play chords & melody to some classic songs, along with some surf uke techniques(eg. Ultimate Wave, Pipeline)
Ukulele on the Beach II – medium, advanced
  • Learn 3 Standard surf songs (eg. Misirlou, Giant Cow) and see how most surf songs are related to those.
  •  Learn the techniques used in surf, including the occasional use of a pick
Uking the Blues – all levels
  • Learn how to play the blues featuring 12 bar blues (in all keys), common chords, soloing, strumming & feel.
  • Be able to sit in at any blues jam!  (eg. Sweet Home Chicago, Ukulele Blues)
Chord Melody – all levels
  • Learn how to create a chord melody arrangement of a simple song, and apply the techniques to other pieces
  • Great for those with questionable voices, or those wanting to learn how to create arrangements for solo playing 
Pick That Uke – all levels
  • Learn how playing uke with a pick can open up some music not readily available fingerstyle
  • Picks will be provided

Two Chord Songs, Strums & More – all levels

 Sometimes all you need is a couple of chords, a catchy melody, and a great groove.  This workshop will introduce a whack of 2 chord songs, and a variety of strumming patterns and riffs to spice them up.  Styles include old time music, rock & roll,  country,  funk, and more.

 Strum and Strum Again! – all levels                       

 This workshop presents you with a dozen genre specific strumming patterns to help you break out of a rut.   Patterns include: Rock & Roll, Country, Surf, Celtic, Motown, Ska, Reggae, Punk, and many more (plus one extra special strum technique).  Get your right (or left) hand ready for a musical workout full of fun and excitement.

Life Beyond the 3rd Fret (You paid for the entire neck, you should use it) – all levels

Journey to where many ukers fear to go…past the 3rd fret.  Learn how to navigate the uncharted region of the ukulele, and how it can spice up your playing and your confidence.

Chord-ucopia – all levels

Ever wonder how those professional ukulele players make those simple chords sound so fancy.  This workshop unleashes the secrets of the chording hand in an easy to understand way.  Learn to make your C, G,D, and many chords more exciting with suspended chords, hammer ons and so much more.

Strum Enhancers – all levels

Add some spice to the strumming patterns you already know to liven up an arrangement.  Includes gallop strumming, double strums, and more.